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Our standard sizes for standard frames are shown here. (All in cm, H x W)

If you require a custom size, go to this page.

Square Frames:
Size 9 for 50x50
full frame
Size 10 for 50x50
small inset
Size 11 for 50x50
using card mount (image=30x30).

Landscape Frames:
Sizes as portrait, just rotated.
Portrait Frames:
Size 1 for 100x70
full frame
Size 2 for 100x70
small inset
Size 3 for 100x70
using card mount (image=70x50)
Size 4 for 70x50
full frame
Size 5 for 70x50
small inset
Size 6 for 70x50
using card mount (image=50x40)
Size 7 for 50x40
full frame
Size 8 for 50x40
using card mount (image=40x30)
Size 1 or 4 or 7
Size 2 or 5
Proportions vary slightly according to which size you choose
Size 3 or 6 or 8
Size 9
Size 10
Size 11